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J Andrews Marketing 
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Welcome to J Andrews Marketing

At J Andrews Marketing, we’ve spent nearly two decades marketing for large national and global companies. We've developed winning campaigns that encompass all facets of marketing, from PR and events to direct mail and advertising. We have a strong track record of marketing programs that achieve measurable results and help grow your business.

Now we’re ready to bring that Fortune 500 expertise to Vermont’s small and mid-sized business community, to help grow businesses here at home. We can help you compete effectively, build your budget (no matter how big or small), and match marketing campaign components to your business goals. 

A new definition for Trust-Based Marketing.

In today’s social media world, “trust-based marketing” is a phrase used to describe how companies need to engage prospective customers in a two-way conversation in order to build a relationship based on trust. J Andrews Marketing believes in trust-based marketing, but not just as a social media strategy. We believe that without trust and transparency, we’ll never have the chance to help your business reach its full potential. And while we love clients who provide us with open access, we also know that it’s a two-way street. Maybe you are up on social media trends, but if you are like so many businesses, you’re still working to understand its full potential.  We're sure you that are an excellent spokesperson for your business, and we can help you translate that into a great press interview that brings clients in the door.

So, go ahead. Ask us any question you want. Ask it ten times. Ask it five different ways. We know how important it is for you to feel confident that our actions will ultimately benefit your business. And it’s our job to earn your trust.

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